police surveillance photo Women march in the May Day Parade in Union Square on May 1, 1941, with signs that read “For the Workers Children—The Highest Education—Hands Off City College.”

photograph Charles Hendley, president of the Teachers Union, addresses over two-thousand teachers protesting the Rapp-Coudert Committee at the Manhattan Center on November 10, 1940.

photograph Dr. Bella Dodd, president of the College Teachers Union, AFT Local 537, addresses almost five- thousand individuals protesting the Rapp-Coudert hearings on December 11, 1940, at the Manhattan Center.

Philip Reisman The College Teachers Union and the Teachers Union form the Committee for the Defense of Public Education, which organizes mass meetings and petition campaigns with support from other labor unions and hundreds of professors, writers and religious leaders throughout the country.

professors picketing Suspended faculty march in front of the home of Senator Coudert on June 19, 1941.

It is happening in NY! It is happening in NY! It is happening in NY! It is happening in NY!